• These pages are served by a Lisp webserver through an Apache relay.
  • The robotics pages were a prototype of an auto-page generation tool I wrote for image-based webpages in Common Lisp. The idea was to enable people that don't understand markup languages to generate and maintain photo-based websites by editing config files with a simple syntax. It is more difficult than point-and-click flickr type interfaces, but more powerful as well. It has been done many times since then commercially by others (Wix comes to mind).
  • I am experimenting with this site all the time, so things are occasionally broken. By all means, if you see something wrong, drop me a line.
  • There are a few pages requiring SSL for connection. These use my self-signed SSL certificate which I never registered with one of the third-party signing agencies — and don't intend to after I found out what they charge — (way outside my fooling around budget). My certificate works fine and so will SSL. If your browser whines about it, its telling you is that:
    1. My cert isn't unrecognized by any third-party signing authority,
    2. It's probably out of date,
    3. The name may not match, since I'm lazy and using the same cert for several subdomains; you're supposed to have a separate one for each.
    Don't get excited. SSL encryption still protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. And anyway, what's the worst that could happen here? You're not entering any information of your own that could be exploited.