Jeffrey K. Cunningham

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Work History

2013 — Senior Signal Processing Engineer —Quest Integrity Group, LLC
A Team Industrial Services Company
  • Developing algorithms for automatic detection of features in pipeline measurement data integrating high-resolution 2d ultrasonic data, IMU data and odometry, integrated in revenue-stream generating software applications.
  • Designing signal-processing algorithms for next-generation higher-resolution pipeline measurement tools currently in development.
2010 — 2013 Consulting Engineer —J. K. Cunningham, LLC
A contract services company providing engineering, analysis and development.
  • Developed signal processing algorithms improving Ascan performance of ultrasonic measurement systems for non-destructive testing of steel walled pipelines for Quest Integrated Group. Managed program upgrading existing products with improved algorithms, working with FPGA engineers and embedded programmers to meet timing, verify performance and validate desgin. Designed robotic ultrasonic laboratory measurement system using a modified 4-axis CNC table and quaternion-based motion control g-code generator.
  • Developed autonomous purchasing agents using Ruby and Selenium, the core technology for web startup (named changed subsequently to "Shop Genius"). Solved problem with poor quality affiliate product feed data driving high levels of customer servicing by designing a real-time price and availability checker (Ruby, Javascript and PhantomJS). Analyzed metrics and implemented web-based performance monitoring system in Common Lisp.
  • Built toolchain and updated Linux kernel and drivers for Extratech Corporation's proprietary motion controller board. Derived the equations of motion for a 5-axis motion controlled waterjet cutting head using quaternions instead of classical Euler angles to improve accuracy and reduce computational load on embedded processor. Proposed alignment and calibration technique applying least-squares optimization to over-determined measurement sets.
  • Wrote threaded master control loop model and consulted on software architecture for Intrepid Systems autonomous robot entry in NASA Sample Return Challenge.
2008 — 2010 Principal Signals Engineer —SAIC Space Systems Division
A $10B company providing scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services.
  • Implemented software signal processing components of satellite communication system in Matlab and C++. Solved significant performance issues by re-engineering parallel-processing architecture employing MPI-based architecture on multiple Linux-based blade servers.
  • Developed quaternion-based orbital model and link budget for nanosat communication system using Lisp.
2003 — 2008 Principal Systems Engineer —The Boeing Company
An $88B American multinational aerospace and defense corporation.
  • Created high-performance, high-resolution image processing library in C++ used to perform detection and feature extraction on satellite radar imagery.
  • Designed and implemented criteria and testbench for analyzing performance of air-to-surface seeker missile homing algorithms using FLIR imagery. Re-engineered existing Government laboratory code to improve performance, maintainability, reliability and portability.
  • Developed accurate link performance model for global airborne satellite communication system—Connexion by Boeing—used to determine power and bandwidth constraints applied to transponder channels on commercial aircraft Internet services. Employed a variety of languages, including C++, Lisp and Perl.
  • Designed and implemented telemetry analysis tools used to remotely monitor performance and detect link degradation on in-service aircraft prior to failure. Isolated a difficult problem by correlating aircraft geolocation and orientation with link degradation due to differential deterioration of left versus right polarization antenna feeds to phased arrays on aircraft.
2000 — 2003 Communication Systems Engineer —Dotcast, Inc
A $180M Startup that developed dNTSC technology to embed and recover wideband data in broadcast television signals.
  • Designed fixed-point FIR filters for modulator signal processing block using original optimization technique to meet challenging size and speed requirements in FPGA modulator.
  • Responsible for FPGA validation which included development of Matlab unit test framework, test vectors, operation and troubleshooting. Led team responsible for lab verification of FPGA implementation and continued regression testing throughout revision cycles.
  • Developed C++ reference model for ASIC demodulator signal processing block used in both validation and verification. Components included FIR filters, QAM modulators and demodulators, complex wave-shapers and adaptive decision feedback equalizers.
  • Responsible for debugging, test and tuning phases of ASIC signal processing design.
1993 — 2000 Systems Engineer —The Boeing Company
  • Developed and maintained GUI-driven performance model for airborne links between Kx and Ku-band phased array antennas and geosynchronous satellites. Written in Visual C++.
  • Wrote GUI-driven program to import scanned images of satellite EIRP and G/T earth foot prints, register landmarks, and rasterize into geographical grid of interpolated values using LMS fit to find map projection parameters.

Patents, Papers

2002 U.S. Patent —6400315
Control system for electronically scanned phased array antennas with a mechanically steered axis.
2000 Phased Array Systems and Technology IEEE Conference —Dana Pt, CA
Airborne reception of data and direct broadcast TV using a phased array antenna


MSEE, Communications and Signal Processing —University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
MA, Mathematics —University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
BS, Mathematics —University of Washington
Seattle, Washington


I program in Common Lisp for fun; I listen to a classical music, Indian music, jazz and a lot of internet radio stations from around the world; I occasionally work with wood; I like being in a kayak; and I read constantly on a wide variety of subjects including cosmology, evolutionary biology, psychology, the radical enlightenment; favorites from the past include the works of Chekhov, Nietzsche and Edith Wharton.